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About Us


Who We Are?

Ningbo Chaoyue New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech company specilized in e-PTFE membrane production. We have been researching and developing of the e-PTFE membrane and its related composite material for over 10 years.

The main business of our company are PTFE filter membrane, PTFE textile membrane and other PTFE composite material . The PTFE membrane are widely applied in the fabric for outdoor and functional garments, and also used in atmosphere dust elimination and air filtration, liquid filtration. They also have excellent performance in electronic, medical, food, biology engineering, and other industries. Along with the development of both technology and application, PTFE membrane will have favorable prospects in waste water treatment, water purification and sea water desalination, etc.

With more than 10 years experience in R&D of PTFE membrane, excellent quality and reasonable price become our core competitiveness! We devoted to create more value, more convenient service and better products for our customers.

Why Choose Us?


Our company has a strict management system in membrane production. Whether it is initial quality control and R&D or final preferential policies, we can provide users with an excellent service experience. We use advanced production equipment and processes to ensure the high quality and stability of products.

Price advantage

We understand our customers' sensitivity to product prices, so when formulating pricing strategies, we always aim to provide cost-effective products. We make full use of our own resource advantages and complete supply chain system to reasonably control production costs. We actively cooperate with suppliers to obtain competitive raw material prices. By improving production efficiency and optimizing processes, we can reduce production costs and ensure product prices are competitive.


Quality Control and R&D

Quality control and R&D are one of the core strengths of our company. We regard quality as our life and ensure product quality through strict quality control measures and continuous R&D innovation. We have a complete quality management system, including the development of quality control processes, standards and procedures, as well as strict product testing and quality evaluation. Strengthen supply chain management: We establish good partnerships with suppliers and ensure the stable supply and quality of raw materials through reasonable supply chain management. Continuous improvement and innovation: We always pursue excellence and continue to conduct technological research and development and innovation to meet the changing needs of customers and market trends. We invest in advanced R&D equipment and laboratories, attract top talents in the industry, and promote continuous product upgrading and innovation.

Core Competitiveness

The company primarily focuses on the production of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) films, and other PTFE composite materials. With over 10 years of experience in this field, we have many advantages, including expertise in quality control, quality inspection, research and development, and pricing advantages. Below are several specific strategies designed to highlight these advantages:

Quality control

1.Use high-quality raw materials throughout the production process to ensure product consistency and stability.
2. Strictly adhere to quality control standards and conduct inspections at various stages of production to ensure flawless products.
3. Utilize advanced quality testing equipment and technology to analyze material composition and microscopic structure.

Quality inspection

1. Implement comprehensive quality inspection procedures, including traditional physical performance tests and specific functional performance tests such as water resistance, breathability, and moisture permeability.
2. Establish rigorous product specifications and standards to ensure compliance with customer requirements and international standards, such as ASTM and ISO.
3. Establish a robust quality management system and implement procedures such as packaging inspection, finished product inspection, and packaging inspection to ensure product reliability.

Pricing advantages

1. Establish long-term partnerships with suppliers to ensure supply chain stability and competitive pricing.
2. Decrease manufacturing costs through process improvement and cost control measures.
3. Enhance production efficiency and achieve cost advantages through scaled production and automated processes.

Research and development

Collaborate with customers to undertake customized research and development projects, developing functional products tailored to specific applications based on customer needs.

Production Process

Our production process includes several stages: raw material preparation, compounding, film formation, and post-processing. Firstly, we carefully select high-quality raw materials and conduct necessary pre-treatment. Then, the raw materials go through the compounding process to ensure material uniformity and consistency. Next, we employ professional film formation techniques to transform the raw materials into high-quality e-PTFE films. Finally, stringent post-processing steps are taken to ensure excellent performance and stability of our products.

Raw material preparation

Firstly, we select high-quality polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material, and optional chemical additives are used to enhance specific properties. Thorough inspection and screening are carried out on the raw materials to ensure their quality and stability.



The pre-treated raw materials are sent to a compounding machine for stirring and heating. The purpose of compounding is to achieve uniform mixing of the raw materials and to remove impurities and non-meltable solids. After undergoing the compounding process, the raw materials exhibit uniformity and consistency.

Film formation

The compounded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material is fed into film forming equipment. Common film formation techniques include extrusion, casting, and stretching. During the film formation process, parameters such as temperature, speed, and pressure are adjusted to control the thickness, smoothness, and mechanical properties of the film according to different application requirements and product specifications.

Through the aforementioned stages of raw material preparation, compounding, film formation, and post-processing, our e-PTFE films are produced with exceptional performance and stability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Throughout the entire production process, strict quality control and technical monitoring are indispensable to ensure product quality and consistency. Additionally, continuous technological innovation and improvement further enhance the performance and applications of our e-PTFE films.